Registration For Email Address

        A Quick look:
  You are given one login id i.e. your mail address & its password on "". e.g.  
  You have to change its password every month else its password will expire.  
  If your e-mail's password has expired, you have to contact CNC for getting new password.  


The Email Registration Process:
  Activation of your account :  
  To get email address, you will have to come to the Centre For Network Computing, University Of Pune  (Behind Physics Department, Electronics Science Dept. Basement)

Requirements :

  1. The person should be a  RA, Ph.D. Students or employee of the University.

  2. The person should be accompanied with a letter from H.O.D. specifying the need for email account.



The Password Change Process:  
  Changing Password :  
   You have to change your e-mail's password regularly every month. Its compulsory else your password will expire.  

Whenever you get the email from system Administrator mentioning "The password for your account will expire in 7 days", you have to change your password. It is just a routine process for every month. And it is compulsory for all email accounts on

Whenever you get this mail change your password using following procedure :

-- Please use the "Check mail" link on the Pune University Website, log in, click "Options" and then click on "Change Password".


--  OR  --

      -- You can also login using "telnet" command from DOS prompt. Login into your account.
    -- The password can be changed using the "passwd" command.

 This new password expiry system is implemented to put a check on the  misuse of the mail accounts. For security reasons you'll have to change your email passwords after every 45 days.

For Other Queries :
            Queries for
                  *   Changing passwords   
                  *   Lost passwords   
                  *   Email accounts on unipune
              etc. contact CNC during working hours.